10-9-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 1

As chaotic as 2020 has been, there is a bright side. Many people are beginning to realize, for the first time, that our enemy is not one another–it’s the state. George F. Smith explains how the true, coercive nature of the state is being revealed and what we can do in response.

By the way, Robert Higgs has a spot-on observation about how the so-called mainstream news media has become another arm of the state. It’s another reason why we must continue to create alternative platforms from which truth can be spoken.

California is becoming a massive object lesson in how politicians, given enough power and leeway, can ruin millions of people’s lives with relative ease. Bretigne Shaffer ask the question, “Can California be saved from its politicians?” and explains some of the remedies that might be applied.

It’s another sign of the times. Sen. Mike Lee is under fire for pointing on Twitter that too many people use the word “democracy” without actually understanding what it means. The thoughtless crowd is taking his correction pretty hard.

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