10-8-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 2

The Great Barrington Declaration is sending shockwaves throughout the political class and its media narrative managers. As well it should. The power-seekers are losing the consent of those they wish to rule. Amelia Janaskie and Micha Gartz do a marvelous job of deconstructing the hit pieces that are starting to circulate in an attempt to undermine the GBD.

One of the big questions regarding Covid-19 is whether to run away from the virus or get immune. Robert E. Wright points out how the presidential race is providing a good indication of which path each candidate seems to prefer.

It’s no secret that prescription drugs can be shockingly expensive. A lot of folks would love to see the government step up and institute price controls to keep drugs affordable. Daniel J. Mitchell explains why this is short-sighted and will result in less, not more, life-saving drugs.

From our “This Should Be Obvious” file, did you realize that reading too much political news is bad for your well-being? The magnificent Arthur C. Brooks has some timely advice on how to reverse the trend.

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