10-8-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 1

The reign of terror may be over in Michigan. Governor Whitmer’s dictatorial executive orders have been invalidated by the state’s highest court. As Judge Andrew Napolitano explains, the excuse of keeping us “safe” cannot be used to justify tyrannical rule.

The case in Michigan may have implications for other states which have dismantled essential liberties in response to Covid-19. Ethan Yang has a detailed analysis of the constitutional reckoning that approaches.

The pollsters are in overdrive right now, assuring us that Biden is so far ahead that you may as well stick a fork in Trump. He’s done. Not so fast, says Scott McKay. He offers 5 points to consider that cast serious doubt on those polls.

How can you know that someone is trying to keep you in the dark? A big tell is when they simply won’t allow any debate of the subject whatsoever. Stacey Rudin explains how the pandemic has killed any meaningful discussion of alternative ways to handle the crisis.

It’s pretty common to find people advocating for minimum wage laws. Well, Geneva, Switzerland has just enacted the highest minimum wage in the world. Brad Polumbo has a bit of a reality check for those currently popping champagne corks.

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