10-6-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Guest: Marjory Wildcraft – The Most Dangerous Woman in America Wants You in Your Backyard – TheGrowNetwork.com.

* Marjory Wildcraft: How to grow your emergency food even in the city – RedPillExpo.com.

* Marjory Wildcraft is the leader of a grassroots movement of explorers, experimenters, and off-grid researchers who are working to find fun and easy ways to produce, prepare, and preserve their own food and medicine. And they are doing it in their backyards. What is so remarkable about her is how average she would have been about fifty years ago. “Homegrown Food On Every Table”.

* How To Grow Food When You Have No Yard, Guerrilla Gardening, A Clever Alternative!

* AMA Joins Planned Parenthood to Ask Supreme Court to Block Trump Rule Keeping Abortion Separate from Family Planning.

* Doctors build world’s 1st bionic eye to fully restore vision in blind people – Works by bypassing damaged optic nerves to allow signals to be transmitted from the retina to the vision center of the brain.

* Go Mushroom Foraging (Without Melting Your Organs).

* Discover how growing food can be like PRINTING YOUR OWN MONEY!

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