10-3-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Guest: Robert Sisson – Join Bob Sisson as he talks about religious and current political events along with special guests – IAMTV.us – CLO2.tv.

* Bob Goes to and Creates a Ministry in Uganda!

* Documentary: SEEKING GOD with Dr. Alan Keyes!

* Independent American Media TV with Dr. Alan Keyes aims to engage viewers who are tired of dishonest, divisive news outlets and who share a common love for God and our country.

* WHAT IS CLO2? AND WHY SHOULD I CARE? ClO2 is chlorine dioxide.

* Don’t rely on the media to feed you what they decide you should know; get the facts and decide for yourself. You have the right to make an informed decision. Don’t let anybody take that from you!

* Affidavit Of Truth!

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