10-29-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Are you getting your information about American politics from the media, politicians or even D.C. area think tanks, you’re not as informed as you could be. Ethan Yang reviews John Tamny’s new book ” They’re Both Wrong: A Policy Guide for America’s Frustrated Independent Thinkers. It sounds like an eye-opening piece for independent thinkers.

Speaking of John Tamny, he has a timely piece about how no one is required to join the herd  in search of immunity. In dealing with serious challenges, freedom is always the answer.

What’s the scariest thing going this Halloween? Kerry McDonald says it’s the misguided effort to ban trick or treating and every other part of normal existence to avoid the coronavirus.

Of all the people out there who claim to be journalists, Glenn Greenwald is one of the very few who actually lives up to the title. He has resigned from The Intercept after it succumbed to the same pressure to censor that has neutered so many media outlets. Finding trusted sources of truth and light is getting tougher.

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