10-29-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Harley-Davidson launches its e-bicycle: The Serial 1 products are known as pedal-assist electric bicycles, “The difference is, it has a small electric motor and a battery that will give you power assistance from 1 to 4 times what you are putting into the pedals. The power-assist is limited to 20 mph. It charges with household current. It requires three to six hours for a full charge. The range is 20 to 70 miles.

* Audio: HUNTER BIDEN LIED Tony Bobulinski SAYS He HAS EVIDENCE Against Joe And Hunter Biden – Biden Business Associate Details Bribes, Corruption, China Deals at Press Conference.

* AUDIO: Hunter Biden confesses partnership with China ‘spy chief’! – WND.com.

* ‘Damning’ Hunter Biden documents mysteriously vanish in transit to Los Angeles, Tucker says!

* Hillary Clinton on Supreme Court if Biden Wins?

* Limbaugh offers solution to stop riots – ‘This stuff has to end’ Send the rioters to the U.S. military base in Cuba – Joe Kovacs WND.com.

* Megyn Kelly: Media coverage of President Trump is ‘DISGUSTING – TheBlaze.com.

* Megyn Kelly Keeps Endorsing Trump & Calling It Unbiased – Trump Won Debate Handily, Biden ‘Wasn’t a Force …

* 96-Year-Old Woman Sara Lyons, From McKees Rocks Bowls No-Tap 300, Says Family Is Secret To Staying Young.

* Mayor of Ashland, Ohio dedicates city to Jesus Christ – ‘May this be a land where He rules supreme’.

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