10-27-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The scarlet letter of our day is to have tested positive for Covid. Folks who’ve had it and recovered are still being tracked, watched and given the stink eye by those around them. Robert E. Wright spells out the plight of the latest minority whose rights are in peril.

The debate between the lockdowners and those who oppose lockdowns may be the most prominent division in our society right now. Stacey Rudin poses the question of which side deserves your trust and why.

With all of the upheaval around us, one could be forgiven for wanting to simply walk away from it in disgust. Gary Barnett makes a powerful plea to resist the urge to hide from reality and to make your stand for liberty, no matter what.

Here’s the touchiest subject I’ll cover this year: Suicide. With suicide rates climbing as people are forced into involuntary isolation and financial ruin, Alex R. Knight III digs into the most painful subject that will touch any of our lives.

Why is health care so outrageously expensive? How can we fix it? David Sukoff explains how part of the problem is that the consumer rarely even knows the costs that are largely being paid by someone else.

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