10-23-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

Liberty RoundTable Radio Show Hour 2 – 10/23/2019
* National Taxpayers Union is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week!
* Panic as U.S. megachurch hit by pepper-spray – attack, dozens gasp for air – Worshipers started rushing out the doors – WSB-TV.
* Americans have become an immoral people – Traditional absolutes ‘have been abandoned – Walter E. Williams.
* Abortion doctor ‘points gun at pro-life protester’.
* Cop Pulls Over Mom, Has a Better Idea Than Ticketing Her.
* Milwaukee police officer buys car seats for mom whose kids were not in them.
* Is Hillary running? ‘We have to nominate the best me’.
* RNC unleashes devastating ‘victims of socialism’ website.
* Transgender ‘woman’ is snubbed from porn for having a penis – Claims unfair discrimination in pursuit of modeling career – WND.com.
* In-N-Out hero boots radical climate protester from burger joint – ‘People inside cheered loudly when the big boy tossed hippie man out! There is hope yet’.

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