10-22-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour 2

Less than two weeks to go until the political reassurance ritual is observed. Yeah, I know it’s a cynical way to see elections but think about the last time an election resulted in less government and more freedom. James Bovard explains how “democracy” is graciously allowing us to choose our own liar.

If the powers that be were serious about tracking the spread of Covid-19, they’d see the wisdom in letting people do a rapid, at-home Covid test. Instead, these tests are illegal. Ronald Bailey explores why we aren’t allowed to have these tests and how the market could deliver on them quickly if it weren’t artificially limited.

There is apparently no limit to how far some authorities will go to continue flexing their control with Covid-19 as their excuse. Case in point, California just declared war on Thanksgiving. Will they take away Christmas next?

Actor Chris Pratt is under a lot of pressure right now for being out of step with the rest of Hollywood. His thought crime? He belongs to a church that still teaches the concept of right and wrong. Jeff Deist has a terrific essay about the privilege of politics and how the goal of lovers of freedom is a world where people don’t seek to coerce others to think as they do.

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