10-22-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour 1

The recent outrage over Amy Coney Barrett’s use of the word “preference” illustrates how manipulation of our language has become a weapon in the hands of some activists. Thomas L. Knapp explains why this word is a dirty word to the new puritans.

To understand the intensifying culture war that is overtaking America, you must understand cultural Marxism and where it originated. Brian Miller has the lowdown on  how the disciples of an obscure Italian linguist have subverted America.

Just when you think the heritage media couldn’t stoop any lower, along comes a reporter who brags about using her “social media sleuthing skills” to target anonymous Trump supporters for destruction. Check out this video clip where Tucker Carlson interviews Darren Beattie to learn about how doxxing is now masquerading as journalism.

With all the fear that is currently driving public policy today, would it surprise you to learn that in 2011, the World Health Organization warned against a “culture of fear”? Jeffrey A. Tucker explains how a 9 year old memo is validating what the Great Barrington Declaration is saying.

As scary as a worldwide pandemic has been, the real damage has been done by government policies. Richard M. Ebeling explains how the official need for control has prevented the market from providing far more efficient and less damaging solutions.

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