10-22-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Rush Limbaugh: Hunter Biden likely wanted laptop to be seen – ‘He wanted it to be spotted. He wanted what’s happening now to happen’ – WND.com.

* China has bought and paid for Joe Biden and his entire family – Even if Joe Biden comes to understand the mortal threat the Chinese Communist Party poses to America, he’s in too deep to extricate himself and his family – Steven W. Mosher – Pop.org.

* Sen. Mitt Romney Has Voted – Not for Trump – He Refused to say if he backed Biden.

* Officials say (With out proof) threatening emails to voters came from Iran.

* Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions – ‘Homosexual people have the right to be in a family’ – They are children of God – Art Moore.

* The coronavirus pandemic has contributed to an alarming “national mental health crisis,” according to an American Psychological Association report.

* Costco yanks product after founder calls BLM a ‘terrorist’ group – Palmetto Cheese owner accused of using ‘power and privilege’ to spread ‘hate’.

* Free college? COVID-19 could help make it happen – Online learning accelerating shift to market-based education model.

* Congressmen Blast Florida Democratic Party for ‘Swindling’ PPP: ‘You Don’t Accidentally Take a $780,000 Loan’.

* Minnesota Democrat Tina Smith: ‘I’m the Only Senator to Have Worked at Planned Parenthood’.

* Nebraska Bar Owner Charged for Fatally Shooting BLM Attacker Commits Suicide.

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