10-20-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour 1

Eric Peters from EPAutos.com joins us for another spirited discussion of how to resist weaponized hypochondria. If you’re not visiting his website regularly, you’re missing out on some magnificent commentary on current events.

There are a lot of areas in which the battle over lockdowns versus less authoritarian approaches are being fought. Jon Miltimore points out that the very different economic recoveries we’re seeing are a good indicator of which approach is working.

Here’s an interesting take on freedom: If you’re only free to do good things, are you really free? Bryan Caplan says, authentic freedom includes the freedom to do good things that sound wrong.

One factor that makes our current situation so volatile is that our societal conflict is more cultural than it is political. Jeff Minnick has some good advice about how to approach the culture war. It starts with refusing to bring politics into everything.

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