10-16-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour 2

The strongest evidence that the political system is not interested in allowing any kind of change or reform can be seen in what is off limits for discussion in candidate debates. Steve Berger has a list of debate questions that would be extremely useful in helping us separate the wheat from the chaff.

Remember when wearing a mask was something we looked forward to? Yeah, it was for Halloween and we knew there would be candy involved but masks were actually cool. Roger W. Koops has an interesting take on how 2020 has become a year of disguises.

Social media censorship has become a surprisingly big issue lately. Brad Polumbo breaks down how big tech tried to make the Biden email story go away but ended up making even bigger.

What exactly is the role of journalism in a free society? Is it to give us sufficient facts that we can make up our own minds or is it to protect us from what it would prefer we don’t see? Robby Soave has a great take on how our media is missing a great chance to correct a story by trying to censor it instead.

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