10-15-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour 1

The most pressing power struggle of our day isn’t the upcoming presidential election. It’s the battle between the lockdown ideologues and the rest of us. Phillip W. Magness shines a light on just how desperate the lockdowners have become.

Things have been getting Orwellian for quite some time. But we’ve just passed another milepost of sorts. Changing the meaning of words–on the fly–to support the official narrative we’re required to believe. Annie Holmquist has a great example of the latest example of newspeak.

As happy a bunch as those rioters appear to be, there has to be a better way for one to register disapproval. Judge Andrew Napolitano has a novel idea, what it we just ignore the government when it tries to impose itself on us?

I know the election is growing close but why is it such a matter of importance in our lives? In fact, why is it garnering so much attention from citizens in nations far away? Joakim Book takes a closer look at Trump Mania and why we care so much about politics these days.

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