10-14-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour 2

Lots of faux outrage over Amy Coney Barrett’s alleged faux pas of saying “sexual preference” instead of “sexual orientation.” Brad Polumbo dismantles the case of her woke critics that ACB has somehow committed a hate crime.

The desire to stock up on food and essential supplies is growing in the public consciousness. That means the time for procrastination is long past. Zero Hedge is reporting that more than half of Americans say they’re actively stocking up in anticipation of rough times straight ahead.

As America drifts dangerously closer to a Soviet style way of life, there are a number of lessons we could learn by studying what life was like in the former Soviet Union. Ethan Yang brings to light a book that lovers of freedom should consider reading.

Here’s an interesting side effect to Covid-19, it’s causing a boom in women choosing to freeze their eggs in anticipation of meeting their preferred partner at some later time. Ann Farmer explains the curious mixed message this is sending about the desire to have children, but not right now.

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