10-1-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

Liberty RoundTable Radio Show Hour 2 – 10/1/2019
* Guest: Patrick Semmens – National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation – RightToWork.org.
* Anderson Economic Group estimated that GM had lost profits of $113M so far and was now losing $25M a day.
* Workers have lost wages totaling $266M so far, That translates into an estimated $68M in lost federal income and payroll taxes.
* Republican Retirements Spike, Diminishing Hope Of Retaking House In 2020.
* Thornberry joins ‘Texodus’.
* Trump Says He ‘Deserves’ to Meet Whistle-blower. ‘I deserve to meet my accuser’!
* Kanye West will walk away from making secular music and only do gospel from now on.
* Violent Crime Decreased in 2018, With 6% Drop in Murder Rate.
* Is Red Meat Bad for You? New Research Says You Can’t Prove It.
* Joe Biden is dramatically scaling back digital ad buys while his opponents are ramping up their online presence.
* Professor who wants to ‘kill all’ Christians, ‘clock’ Trump now sues – Hopes to bury believers ‘deep in the ground’ – Joe Kovacs.
* Scientists Find Huge World Of Hidden Galaxies, Changing Our Understanding Of The Universe – Previously unknown webs of stars are more spectacular than our own.

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