1-5-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos joins me to make sense of the increasingly chaotic current events. We discuss corporate cultism as well as where lockdown thinking is leading us. If you’re not a regular visitor to Eric’s website, you’re missing out on some powerful philosophical food for thought.

We are standing at a pivot point in American history. And not just at a political level. Jeff Deist has some timely advice for how to approach living in Post-persuasion America.

How do we deal with people who are beyond persuasion? How we answer this question reveals more about our own character than it does those we may find ourselves opposing. Bryan Caplan has a thoughtful approach to dealing with unfounded accusations. Also, Kent McManigal has a great take on why being neighborly and responsible is in our interest, even if we’re on less than good terms with a particular neighbor.

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