1-26-2021 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Biden to keep Wray as FBI director.

* Senate Confirms Janet Yellen as Secretary of Treasury.

* Anthony Fauci was among the highest-paid federal officials in 2019 – Surpassing the $400,000 salary earned by President Donald Trump. His salary of $417,608 placed him solidly among the top earners out of some 4 million federal employees, and making Fauci the highest-paid doctor on the government’s payroll – Forbes.

* Biden overturns transgender troop ban that prohibited transgender troops from serving openly, Now Promotes Sex Reassignment Surgeries.

* A military arm of the intelligence community buys commercially available databases containing location data from smartphone apps and searches it for Americans’ past movements without a warrant, according to an unclassified memo obtained by The NYT.

* Dominion sues Giuliani for $1.3B, alleging defamation.

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