1-25-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

One of the most fascinating recent developments of our time is the Orwellian shift taking place right before our eyes. Anders Koskinen makes the case that, despite proclamations from our modern Ministry of Truth, limited government is not ‘reckless radicalism’ by any stretch.

How have so many people become indifferent to the prospect of losing their liberty? Richard M. Ebeling says that paternalistic collectivism breeds the kind of indifference we’re seeing today.

With the political class and their entrenched bureaucracies clamoring to consolidate more power over us, the topic of secession is one worth discussing. Ryan McMaken has some points worth considering as he tackles the word that few are willing to say.

At the risk of sounding self-serving, mass media has gone all in to promote a massive lie about a so-called “white supremacist insurrection” on Jan 6. As Paul Craig Roberts explains, the media destroyed America by paving the way for totalitarian rule.

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