1-24-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Guest: Patti Stockman – Her Husband Former TX congressman Steve Stockman, Now a Political Prisoner in his own country – It’s Time To Fight Back – DefendAPatriot.com.
  • * Guest: Richard Mack – CSPOA.org.
  • * We Call for President Trump to Pardon Steve Stockman! There Is No Liberty With Innocents in Prison! – TheFreedomCoalition.com.
  • * All Nonprofits Should be Terrified of This New Court Decision – Rachel Alexander TownHall.com.
  • * Financial Researcher Says Bernie Sanders Funneled Taxpayer Money and School Funds to His Family – Peter Schweitzer Breitbart.
  • Schweizer further disclosed that during the 2016 campaign, $83M was channeled through a mysterious media-buying company called Old Town Media. The company was run by two of Bernie Sanders’ wife’s friends out of a suburban house in Virginia.

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