1-22-2021 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Guest: Stewart Rhodes – President and Founder of OathKeepers.org.

* Great News: Oath Keepers Website Is Now Back UP and On Line!

* Fake News: FBI Chases Masterminds Of Riot Plots – NYT. A criminal complaint filed alleges conspiracy and other crimes against three members of Oath Keepers. The three have been arrested. The group communicated via Facebook with someone who might have had inside knowledge, egging them on and directing them where to find legislators The FBI alleges.

* Turns Out, Thomas Caldwell of Virginia and Donovan Crowl of Ohio aren’t even members of Oathkeepers. Jessica Watkins is a member who deserves due process of law and is Innocent until Proven Guilty!

* Stewart Rhodes: Organized right now and for the future, without falling into false-flag traps that further the enemy’s goals. PREPARE FOR COMMS DOWN/LIGHTS OUT.

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