07-28-2022 Washington Watch Live with Tony Perkins

Kevin Hern, U.S. Representative from the 1st District of Oklahoma, discusses the flagging U.S. economy under President Biden and the Republican plan to kickstart the economy following the November midterm elections.

Jody Hice, U.S. Representative for the 10th District of Georgia, recaps the message he delivered today at FRC’s Georgia Pastors Briefing and provides reasons why Republican Senators should vote against the so-called Respect for Marriage Act.

Quentin Van Meter, President of the American College of Pediatricians, exposes the potentially harmful effects of puberty blockers for children, which led to a recent FDA warning for the treatment.

Garland Hunt, Senior Pastor of The Father’s House, and Jeff Appling, Lead Pastor of The Grove, reflect on the Georgia Pastors Briefing and discuss practical ways Christians can be salt and light in today’s culture.

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