03-22-2023 Washington Watch Live with Tony Perkins

Matt Rosendale, U.S. Representative for the 2nd District of Montana, pushes back on the New York City district attorney targeting former President Trump, reacts to the House Committee on Weaponization’s report that there was no legal basis for the DOJ’s anti-parents memo, and applauds DirecTV’s decision to restore Newsmax TV.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief, shares the latest update on a controversial bill in the Israeli Knesset that would outlaw evangelism.

Buddy Carter, U.S. Representative for the 1st District of Georgia, reacts to the Federal Reserve’s recent decision to raise interest rates again and shares about the House GOP’s renewed resolve on spending cuts.

Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, offers his analysis of Chinese President Xi and Russian President Putin’s three-day summit in Moscow.

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, FRC’s Executive Vice President, analyzes Putin and Xi’s summit and discusses the possible outcomes of the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrant for Putin.

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