02-18-2022 Washington Watch Live with Tony Perkins

George Thomas, CBN’s senior international correspondent, talks about the tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Mark Green, U.S. Representative for the 7th District of Tennessee and member of the House Armed Services Committee, gives an update on the tensions between Russia and Ukraine and COVID-related news, including demonstrations in Canada, states relaxing mandates, and the military discharging servicemembers who chose not to receive the COVID vaccine.

Quena Gonzalez, FRC’s Senior Director of Government Affairs, shares an update on recent pro-life and pro-family state legislation.

Ji Hyeon-A, a North Korean defector who was forcibly repatriated by China back to North Korea twice, describes how China treats North Korean defectors within its borders.

David Closson, FRC’s Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview, discusses whether Christian parents should send their children to a public school.

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