01-04-2022 Washington Watch Live with Tony Perkins

Roger Wicker, U.S. Senator from Mississippi, discusses Majority Leader Schumer planning a vote to change the filibuster and shares his New Year’s resolutions for Congress.
Todd Rokita, Indiana Attorney General, previews Friday’s U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments over Biden’s vaccine mandate on health care workers.
Mike Berry, General Counsel for First Liberty Institute, talks about a federal judge issuing an injunction halting vaccine mandate on Navy Seals.
Chuck Grassley, U.S. Senator from Iowa, goes through Biden’s record of nominating far Left judicial nominees – including Nancy Abudu, an SPLC attorney as a federal judge.
Mary Beth Waddell, FRC’s Senior Legislative Assistant, gives an in-depth look at Nancy Abudu, President Biden’s nominee to a federal court.

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